Steve & Andrea get Engaged!

I haven’t done a shoot in awhile, so I was very excited when one of my best friend’s got engaged and asked if I could take photos for their save the date. We were in Celebration FL for the shoot and boy was it hot, but they couple somehow kept their cool in what seemed to me like 5000% humidity. It’s hard to choose my favorite, so here are a few of the shots from the day:

Cohoes Falls during Hurricane Irene


Well it’s officially happened. I’ve now been through a hurricane while living in Florida AND New York (ok so I’ve been through quite a few in FL, but no surprise). I never thought I would live to see the day. Although I have to say that storms up here bring a whole new meaning to Hurricane. Unlike the gusting winds we’ve received in FL, flooding seems to be the major issue upstate. That being the case I was curious to see how Cohoes Falls looked after such a big storm – compared to last year when I photographed them.

It was hard to get any clear shots as the wind was pelting us with water from the rain and the falls, but there was one brief moment my lens wasn’t soaked that I was able to snap a few shots…







This was just a happy accident I took while prepping to go outside, I just liked the colors:)

Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC

I’m quickly realizing the best part of the Capital Region is how close we are to major metropolises. Hop in a car around here and in 2.5 hours you are in NYC (minus the bridge traffic), 3 hours and Boston or Montreal, and 6 hours takes you straight to Washington DC. This is where we decided to go on our mini-vacation in April to see the Cherry Blossoms. Turns out we went on the only perfect day of the festival which was not raining, and it was a perfect 70 degrees and sunny after a long balmy winter.

Even though we got to the city towards the end of the blooms, it was still gorgeous and I loved every minute of it. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day:

Welcome Baby Ava

It seems that I only get asked to photograph the cutest babies and Ava is no exception! This well behaved doll put up with us mussing with her left and right, pink blankets, brown shaggy ones, and bows – OH THE BOWS – all the while keeping her composure. Thank you little one for being so precious for us…


My favorite, something about those eyes

I think pink and brown are definitely her color

Some much deserved nap time in between shots

Toes!Lucky parents, and happy family

Cold in the Capital Region

The weather report said it was supposed to get down to -12 degrees as a low tonight. This is my first winter up in NY State and definitely one of the first times I’ll be experiencing double digit negative temps. Still, I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to snow, icicles, and everything covered in it. I couldn’t resist going outside last snowfall at night and snapping some shots of the ice covered branches.

I’m thinking soon I’ll get to document the 10 ft icicle hanging off our roof. I’m hoping it will touch the ground by the end of winter… one can only hope.